Between 1992 and 2009, all healthcare activities were driven by the Karunamai Ma Charitable Trust. Weekly health camps were organized in Sohna, Haryana and all surgeries were conducted at partner hospitals/ secondary-care centers.

While the work in the Eye specialty commenced in 1992, other specialities were introduced over the years: General (2007 - Present), Homeopathy (2002 - 2005), Dental (Periodic Camps between 1999 - 2006), ENT (Periodic Camps between 2001 - 2003) & Skin (Periodic Camps between 2001 - 2006). The following performance data represents the work done by the Karunamai Ma Charitable Trust over 18 years (1992 - 2009).


* Data compiled manually from hard copy records maintained over 18 years. We have done our best to ensure that information represented above is accurate. In all cases where the data was missing and/or difficult to interpret, we have used our best judgement to extrapolate the requisite information.

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