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Rural Medicare Society
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Rural Medicare Society & Rural Medicare Center
Rural Medicare Society is a non-governmental voluntary organization started in 1977 with the sole objective of providing affordable health care to the economically less marginalized and are unable to bear the ever increasing cost of modern healthcare.
The Rural Medicare Society stands firmly by its commitment to deliver affordable quality medical treatment to those who are economically marginalized and are unable to bear the ever increasing cost of modern healthcare. The Society continues its journey of service to mankind with the singular belief that ‘The best way to serve God is to serve mankind’.

Rural Medicare Society established the Rural Medicare Centre, currently a
30-bedded multi-specialty charitable hospital. The center houses modern medical care infrastructure with comprehensive diagnostic facilities and offers affordable treatment with easy accessibility to doctors, attracting needy patients from within Delhi and surrounding states.

With 25 visiting consultants covering 12 specialties, the center conducts over 80,000 outpatient consultations with around 3000 admissions and 1800+ surgical interventions annually.(Click here to visit Rural Medicare Society Website).

Affordable Treatment
Outpatient consultations, diagnostic services, patient counseling, referral treatment management and more.
Healthcare Awareness
Healthcare counseling in village households, community awareness sessions, counselor training and more.
Capacity Development
Infrastructure development programs with our partner hospitals to increase service capabilities.
Patient Aid
Sponsoring surgical interventions and treatment courses for financially underprivileged patients.
Paramedic Training
Paramedic training and certification, mentoring programs and other experiential learning opportunities.
Special Education
Special programs for children with learning disabilities, comprehensive guidance counseling for parents and more.

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