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v Bhavneesh Sharma
Operations & Education
Bhavneesh has a Bachelor's honours degree in Marketing and worked in UK for over 2 years. In addition to working as an Education Consultant, Bhavneesh is focusing on building Karuna's Special Needs Education initiative with Nidhi.
Dr. R.N. Sachdeva
Healthcare Center
Dr. Sachdeva, a post-graduate in Preventive & Social Medicine, retired as the Additional Director General of Health Services, Haryana, India. He has over 35 years experience in public health and currently is heading Karuna’s Healthcare Center.
Dheerja Sharma
Human Resources
Dheerja has served as the Secretary of the Karunamai Ma Charitable Trust since 2002, managing project activities and leading the volunteer team. Dheerja is responsible for managing Karuna’s volunteer program.
d Indira Shinde
Sponsorships (India)
Indira, an arts graduate, has extensive experience in fundraising for social-outreach initiatives across India. At Karuna, Indira leads the fundraising effort for underprivileged patients in need of surgeries/ advanced long-term treatment.
Meera Mathur
Meera Mathur, a graduate in Arts, has over 15 years experience in social education initiatives. She heads Karuna’s Awareness programs and is responsible to building, training and managing the team of healthcare counselors and other awareness campaigns.
Shruti Goyal
Shruti is an MBA graduate from Amity University, New Delhi. She specialized in Rural Development, focussing on capacity building at the grass-roots. At Karuna, Shruti is responsible for managing our preventive health and awareness programs.
c Nidhi Bhan
Nidhi has been working for Children with Special Education Needs for over 8 years, is also actively involved with Women Empowerment projects. She is currently building the concept, strategy of Karuna’s ‘Special Education Needs’ initiative.
Amar Rai
Strategy & Sponsorships
Amar, an MBA from Columbia University (New York), brings 7+ years of consulting and healthcare experience with KPMG, Synthes and McKinsey. He founded Karuna in 2010 and is currently helping with strategic aspects as well as the fundraising effort.
d Eeshan Ganju
Sponsorships (International)
Eeshan, a Fashion Design and Textile Technology graduate is the head of a global apparel business. He has more than 16 years of coordinating business development across the globe. Eeshan heads Karuna’s efforts to build relationships with international sponsors.
A Archis Bagati
New Initiatives

Archis, a researcher in the disciplines of Pharmacology and Biotechnology works on drug design improvements to increase drug affordability and access. At Karuna, he is involved in developing marketing strategies and raising awareness for new initiatives.



Anirudh Bagati
New Initiatives

Anirudh, a medical software implementation specialist by profession, strongly believes in the ethos of Karuna. He is currently co-leading the system design, marketing strategy and implementation of Karuna AID, our online patient sponsorship initiative.





Affordable Treatment
Outpatient consultations, diagnostic services, patient counseling, referral treatment management and more.
Healthcare Awareness
Healthcare counseling in village households, community awareness sessions, counselor training and more.
Capacity Development
Infrastructure development programs with our partner hospitals to increase service capabilities.
Patient Aid
Sponsoring surgical interventions and treatment courses for financially underprivileged patients.
Paramedic Training
Paramedic training and certification, mentoring programs and other experiential learning opportunities.
Special Education
Special programs for children with learning disabilities, comprehensive guidance counseling for parents and more.

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